S&S 100 Inch Power Package Big Bore Kit 99-06 Big Twin



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S&S 100 Inch Power Package Big Bore Kit 99-06 Big Twin

  • Largest big-bore kits available without doing crankcase mods
  • Includes an S&S 4″ big-bore cylinder kit with 10.5:1 pistons, S&S 585 easy start cams, S&S quickee pushrods, and S&S premium
  • Hydraulic tappets to make the most of the added displacement
  • TC3 cam support plate and TC3 oil pump to ensure consistent oil pressure and engine longevity
  • Increases displacement to 100″
  • Cylinders fit to pistons; no machining required
  • All parts required to upgrade to gear drive cam or hydraulic tensioners in one easy-to-order part number
  • Made in the U.S.A..
  • Note: 99-04 Twin Cam will require the additional purchase of valve spring kit part #900-0593
  • Pinion shaft runout must be less than .003″ to use gear drive cams
  • Kit not available to fit 06 Dyna models
  • Note: not for use with S&S 79 cc heads
  • Note: can be used with stock heads

S&S 585 cam specifications

  • Open: intake 20″ | exhaust 60″
  • Close: intake 45″ | exhaust 20″
  • Duration @ .053″: intake 245″ |” exhaust260″
  • Valve lift:” intake/exhaust .585″

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